Operative mode

In our philosophy the real focus of interest is the customer and his requirements.

After viewing our products in the showroom together with the customer we define the guiding principles for the implementation of the kitchen; then we proceed with the drafting of the project.
First of all, we select the materials that best match with the context the customer desires to create, and with the appliances he wants to input. After we continue with the implementation of a layout and the realization of a 3D model, in order to better evaluate the dimensions within the space to be furnished.

Second step is the compilation of the budget taking into consideration the requirements set forth in the initial interview.
After confirmation of the project, we proceed with the relief of measures and verification of the position of power and water plants.
These assessments will allow our craftsmen to deliver a perfectly tailored furniture. From this moment onwards, in fact, the drawings pass to the factory, where the project will come to life.
At the agreed delivery date, the product will be carried and assembled by us at the customer’s house granting post-sales support, when necessary.

In this section you will find some examples of our production, images to describe how from a simple drawing a real kitchen comes to life.
We are confident of being able to realize your desires of furniture.

Our projects

Kitchen – Matt Lacquered Dove Grey

Kitchen – White Gloss Polyester

Kitchen – Wenge