A sophisticated and elegant kitchen, an enchanting atmosphere defined by the use of wood for the wide central island with its thin Fenix top and by the gold-lacquered columns.
The notch under the countertop has LED lighting. The strict geometrical forms of these elements create an original composition.

Technical Sheet

  • Doors 20 mm thick in Medium Density (MDF) panels, metallic lacquered finish with built-in handles. Doors in thermomecanically-processed durmast with vertical grain, undertop molding as door handles. 
  • Internal structure with white faced panels 18 mm thick. Class E1.
  • Fenix lead countertop h. 1.2 cm thick.
  • Metal undertop molding with LED lighting.
  • Removable satin-finished stainless steel wainscoting. H. 15 cm.
  • Dividers and internal drawer fronts in transparent burnished glass.
  • Internal LED lighting.
  • Drawers and doors equipped with shock absorbers.
  • Wide selection of internal equipment, wooden and metal dividers for drawers.
  • Pantry column with pull opening and adjustable shelving.
  • Work column structure in garnished faced panels, disappearing doors that slide in the side compartments.